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Our Advantage

The company believes strongly in the value of supporting and developing GIS technology in the most up-to-date, appropriate and cost-effective manner. Our business is not about the resale of GIS commercial products, it is about serving the professional needs of customers and our primary loyalty is to carry out this service. This dedication has helped the company overcome its challenges and gain the trust of many organizations needing assistance in the implementation of a GIS. With our experience and expertise, GTInteg is your best choice!
Solid Experience

In each project, GTInteg applies proven tools and lessons learned from more than 15 years developing GIS solutions in different parts of the world.

Guaranteed Results

With our extensive experience and solid knowledge of technology and businesses from different industries, we can help you turn your strategic GIS objectives into business results.

Innovative Solutions

We offer professional services to implement innovative GIS solutions, from personalization of commercial software, design and delivery of corporate systems, and knowledge transfer.

Maximum Profitability

Our consulting services and system integration solutions guarantee maximum profitability of your investments in GIS technology.

Geo Technology and Integration

We will help transform your strategic objectives into a service-oriented platform, capable of delivering better corporate results.
GTInteg is your best choice!

Geo Technology and Integration (GTInteg) was founded to provide an alternative strategy, a more modern and effective business model for delivering GIS consulting services in Chile. Our mission is to provide GIS technical services and high quality management capabilities to both public and private sectors, and in doing so, gain the maximum respect of our clients and associated consultants, as well as promote the development and application of GIS technology in the most up-to-date, appropriate and cost-effective manner.

Our main concern is to meet the needs of our customers and our primary loyalty is to carry out this service. At GTInteg, "excellence in everything" is not just a motto, it is truly the way we do our daily business. This is also reflected in the technical strategies and solutions that we offer to our clients. In each commitment, we bring creativity to help our clients solve their business problems, taking advantage not only of the experience and tools learned in the use and management of geospatial data but also the best that a globalized world has to offer.

Our desire to continually invent better technology strategies and applications drives our growth. We believe that we are the best value, as well as the source of the highest quality and most technically sound alternatives for clients seeking professional help in the planning, execution and implementation of a GIS project.

  • We listen to our customers

    We exist to serve the professional needs of customers. This belief has helped us to evolve and adapt our thinking and the technologies with which we work, so that in the end we can develop and expand the services that respond to what our customers really want and need.

  • We implement appropriate and up-to-date GIS technology

    We have had the opportunity to work on many systems and industries, and our goal has always been to apply the most current state of GIS technology so that it meets the specific requirements of our customers. Our work is backed by over 20 years of experience in designing, developing and applying geographic information systems that are truly useful and modern, because we believe that GIS should contribute to the productivity of its users in the most up-to-date and timely manner.

  • We transfer knowledge

    We are always ready to share our proven competence and best practices to our clients, because we believe that common understanding is essential to promote the success of GIS projects, which is ultimately our business.

  • We maintain a unique and collaborative environment

    Our success depends on the relationship we maintain not only with our clients, but also with the staff and project consultants with whom we work every day. We work hard to ensure a creative and collaborative work environment among all members of our team. For this, the latest technological tools and systems are used that bring us closer and constantly keep us in contact with each other.


Our services

GTInteg is able to provide its clients with a full range of professional GIS services.

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Our Team

Meet some of the members who work hard to provide quality service and output.
Team leader, with a Master of Science degree in GIS for Natural Resources Management. Has over 20 years of experience in designing, developing, integrating and managing GIS solutions for various industries.
Development Team Leader
Head Programmer, certified as Professional Developer (MCPD) and Technology Specialist (MCTS) from Microsoft. Specializes in software engineering and architecture, having worked many years in different technologies and programming interfaces.
System Engineer
Mathematical Civil Engineer, specialized in the development and programming of GIS applications. Has more than 20 years of experience in carrying out activities related to the development and customization of ESRI software on different platforms, technologies and application programming interfaces.
GIS Specialist
Land Survey Engineer with more than 11 years of experience in GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing and Geodesic Survey. Has extensive knowledge of ESRI, ENVI and Trimble software. Is an ESRI-certified ArcGIS Desktop Associate and also a CompTIA CCT+ Certified Technical Trainer.
GIS Specialist
Cartographer, with more than 15 years of experience in GIS. Has a Diploma in Spatial Georeference and various specialization courses in Autocad, Esri, other related software. Has specialized in GIS data modeling and normalization, thematic map production, georeferencing and satellite image analysis.
Analista GIS
Cartógrafo Geomático profesional con varios años de estudios, generando proyectos ligados al área de la información territorial y geoespacial. Conceptualiza integralmente la realidad, y captura datos espaciales mediante diversas geotecnologías para transformarlos en información y productos cartográficos.
System Consultant
Civil Industrial Engineer with more than 30 years of experience designing and building systems and databases integrated with GIS. Has worked in different industries- forestry, mining, transportation and electric transmission- and in several places- Chile, South Africa, Canada, USA, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina.


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