User system requirements

Survey / Analysis

  • Study and Valuation of Benefits of GIS (pre-investment, feasibility)
  • Survey of Requirements
  • Development and Development of Implementation Plan

GTInteg specializes in the identification and analysis of the needs for the implementation of a GIS. The GTInteg consultants will carry out a complete review of the components of software, hardware, data, personnel, management, functional requirements, processes and workflows, in order to obtain an in-depth perspective of the value of the implementation of GIS solutions, and the necessary scale to achieve and concretize its strategic objectives.

Our consultants apply a proven and cost-effective process to quickly understand how they can take advantage of GIS technology and improve their organizational performance.

When our work is finished, you will know exactly how a GIS can help your organization, improve the decision-making process. We will also help you understand the requirements necessary to implement a viable GIS infrastructure.

Our ultimate goal is to seek and achieve the best match between your objectives and the technology alternatives in the market, from short to long term.